Revolution of the Kind People

About the Revolution

The Revolution of the Kind People is an imagination exercise. Have you ever felt the transformational power of imagination? With imagination, we can create things. It also directly influences how we act and feel, as we, for instance, imagine what our futures will be like. To state shortly: Imagination is a very powerful thing.

Close your eyes and imagine: how would I be sitting here if I knew that this was my last day on Earth? Try to really feel the image in your body. How would this image influence your day?

The Revolution of the Kind People originated from the wish to provide a platform for Kind People -which can be all kinds of people. Kindness within this exercise refers to a sense of bubblyness – a genuine feeling of warmth, joy, and enthusiasm – like puppy-energy. But also, I am still discovering what Kindness means.

I do know that Kindness stems from a source of softness and connectedness. It relates to the forces of nature that connect all beings selflessly, bringing us warmth, homecoming and joy. These forces exist solely for the purpose of enjoying the beauty of life; they make life simple.

Unfortunately (while it might be a blessing in disguise as well), nature entails many -unkind- forces consisting of complexity and meanness as well. We believe that expressions of these kinds of forces stem from a source of pain and mistrust and should be eliminated. In other words: being unkind is not fun.

There are way more Kind People than we think. However, their behavior does not agree with the types of behavior that the overculture rewards. They are more silent, patient and well-behaved. Therefore, the people who scream the loudest are represented in dominant narratives and, often, get what they want. I wonder: what would happen if we give the Kind People a platform?

This question mainly inspired The Revolution of the Kind People. This is an artistic imagination exercise, to discover what a world based on principles of kindness would look like.

I would love the imagination exercise to inspire physical reality as well by:

  • Relieving tension through depolarization
  • Fostering reconnection through multispecies awareness
  • Inspiring joy and creation through embracing Creative Nature
  • Rewriting stories through deep reflection

By developing it as I go, I allow The Revolution of the Kind People to evolve and change. If you have any ideas and possible contributions, you are invited to join and make your voice be heard. I am looking forward to discovering together.

May life be filled with kindness for all beings; their journeys inspirational; and their endeavors connected.

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