Revolution of the Kind People


Creativity lingers through us. Although in different shapes and sizes, we can all tap into her in unique ways. It is a beautiful exercise to consider everything around you as “Creativity”.

Everything as Creativity: A tree as Creativity; the sky as Creativity; an ant colony as Creativity; a story as Creativity, a building as Creativity; a highway as Creativity; an apple as Creativity; a person as Creativity; a song as Creativity; a thought as Creativity; a dance as. Creativity; our lives as Creativity…

The list goes on and on. For some things in life, it might be hard to consider them Creative. But if you try, really try, something opens up and becomes spacious. Life becomes a miracle. Yes, even the bad stuff.

Trauma as Creativity: but how? How can something so hurtful be creative? We don’t want it, we want it to be gone. We want it to never have happened. And we deserve that. But it didn’t go that way. We experienced our lives and we still do. We are not obligated to say: “Trauma only makes us stronger” to make the pain bearable. No. We can, however, use our own free will to consciously consider trauma as creativity, watch it closely, and feel what happens.

What’s next? Well, we can have a little fun with our creativity. We can draw like a child and craft like a real artist. Because secretly, we are. We can free our minds by not having to do good or make something beautiful. Even though it is beautiful. Always! We can experiment and play -both wonderful activities. We can find out, as we go, how Creativity changes us.

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