Revolution of the Kind People

Early Autumn – Libra season

When I say that “Libra season is coming,” of course that is a partial joke. It’s actually the season of slowing down after the energetic explosions of summer. It is the beginning of a transitioning phase towards deep reflecting and stillness in winter.

In “Libra season” we still feel the buzziness of summer, but start to slow down and ‘weigh’ so to say, our thoughts, feelings and behaviour and who we have become during a period of spring (re)birth and summery growth, connection and expression.

The beginning of autumn is a time and place to take good care of your body, to start covering it again with soft fabrics and nourishing it with good, earthly food.

The mind is allowed to digest all the new impressions and ideas, and to manifest them. Certain darkness representing stability and security comes over everything that is new and merging with what was already there. The heart goes with it.

Inside the heart, shades of dark red take over. Passion turns into deep appreciation. Aggression turns into determination. We sink into a period of self-reflection and self-care. Forget about the others, what do we think about ourselves?

That’s Libra season. That’s early autumn. Enjoy it.