Revolution of the Kind People

Early Spring – Aries Season

Hurray! It’s finally spring. Every year again, a miracle happens: the earth, the plants, the flowers, the animals, our souls – it all comes to life!

Have you ever heard of Sleeping Beauty? Even though she was innocent, she had to fall asleep. No witch, no story. It wasn’t her fault, but it was her path. And with her, the entire castle slept for a hundred years. When it was time, she woke up. It wasn’t even hard! And with her, the entire castle came to life again. Everything was different. What changed?

“Coming to life” is what early spring is all about. Maybe close your eyes, and really feel what this means to you. You’re capable of so many things.

Listen to this wonderful podcast about Awakening and Transformation by Jungianthology Radio. They beautifully discuss the fairytale of Briar Rose (also known as Sleeping Beauty or Aurora) as a transformation story. For everyone who ever felt like they were (cursed to be) asleep, in any way.