Revolution of the Kind People

Late Autumn – Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius Dream Description

Pull an arrow out of your quiver, aim, shoot! What do you want?

It’s coming from behind or it’s in front of you, depending on perspectives.

Measuring, measuring, do you dear to shoot?

You might hurt it. Or you free it.

Who will know?

What do you want?

The goal is to be accurate. There are many, many goals.

Goals to aim for, shoot at, and the arrows are poison.

Poison is the antidote to antidotes. Purge the poison, they say.

To purge is to give freedom to freedom. There are many, many purges.

Purges to join, purges to run away from.

Running away is to escape the escape. Eventually, you’re back.

With your back to the wall.

The wall was built to keep something in, something out.

Inside is the outside to outside. There are many, many outsides.

There are more insides than outsides. What about the inside, inside the inside, like a babushka doll?

You keep unpacking.

What do you want?

You want to unwrap. It’s about the moment of the unwrapping: the excitement, the curiosity.

The wrapping paper has a significant function when something is wrapped.

After we’ve unwrapped it, we throw it away.

It’s just paper, after all.