Revolution of the Kind People


Over the past few months, I have been asking myself the question:

This question came to me after I had been dedicating years and years to developing and healing myself, trying to fit and function in the world around me. I’m grateful for this challenge, even though I have condemned it many times, because it forced me to heal and grow in ways I’d never thought were possible. However, I came to the point where I couldn’t “improve” any more. Every change I’d make, would result in me being less authentically me.

As a result, I started wondering whether it was only me that needed to change, or maybe also the world. I had become so used to figuring out why I couldn’t function, that I forgot to consider the fact that my thoughts, feelings and behavior were, to me, completely normal.

To me, it’s normal to:

  • Give everything a special purpose
  • Relate to everything symbolically
  • Prefer silence, darkness and solitude
  • Create a story out of life
  • Feel and relate to all sides of situations
  • Sense what others need to feel good
  • Consume thoughtfully

My point is that sometimes you need to develop yourself and change, but sometimes you need to recognize and cherish your talents and needs because they are not weird and they don’t need to change. They just don’t fit into the overculture.

How do we cope with not fitting in? There are many ways, and the kind way would be to search for your own rituals, small habits, and rules that help structure the life that makes you blossom. Also, surrounding yourself with similar people might help a lot.

Within the pages connected to this one, I hope to share more about my way of living and about ways of finding yours. Hopefully, it will guide you on your path to vibing, or flow.