Revolution of the Kind People


Even though we might have come to believe that our bodies are capable of doing the same thing everyday, we might also feel our physical cycles and needs. It can be liberating to admit that our bodies need something different when the seasons change. These being the seasons of life, the year, or the day. In general, winter asks us to turn inside, go slow, hibernate. Autumn inspires rebirth and the seeding of new ideas. Summer brings celebration, moving outward and exchange. Autumn reminds us to reflect and get very close to what is real. Living with the seasons can be a rewarding experience, as it brings us closer the the rhythm of nature. Below, you can read inspirational prompts for every season. Enjoy!

Early Autumn – Libra Season

Mid Autumn – Scorpio Season

Late Winter – Pisces Season

Early Spring – Aries Season

Mid Spring – Taurus Season