Revolution of the Kind People

SOS: Healthy Coping Strategies

Somedays are just hard. We know what to do, but can bring ourselves to do it. Or maybe we don’t even know where to start. What do we do? On this page, you can find ways support yourself when you’re in all sorts of bad states. Read about and explore them. Start by thanking yourself for getting to this page. It might feel like a small gesture, but you’ve shown that you want to be kind to yourself.

The strategies are presented from wobbly to anxious and even numb states. You can continuously revisit this page, as I will update the guidance with more tips and meditations.

  1. The external way. Do you have too many responsibilities? Make a list of everything that’s on your mind. Is it too long? Remove everything that isn’t truly important. This might be a bit hard, but really, it’s better in the long run. We’d rather see you healthy and slow than super fast but exhausted.
  2. The internal way. Ask yourself: for whom or what are you rushing? What reason or voice makes you do everything so fast, and is this fair? The answer might be confronting. However, if the reason you’re rushing is a pattern instead of an exception, it will soak up all your energy. Be brave and say no. You can right it down, scream in a pillow or just cancel that meeting. You’re already enough.
  3. The interactional way. Rushing can become a way of life. At some point, it becomes normal to you. But it isn’t. Practice slowing down by doing simple tasks with a lot of attention. Bake something by following every step thoroughly. Read a text out loud, slowly. It might be surprising how hard this is once rushing has become a pattern. But no stress, practice really helps.