Revolution of the Kind People


Hello, my name’s Tara and I’m training to become a Jungian Analist. I combine this with my previous schooling as a human ecologist (MSc) and artistic expression. Therefore, I summarize my therapeutic guidance in three words: art, self-reflection, sustainability.

When we continuously bump into the same obstacles and cannot find our way out, therapy can be of great help. Luckily, we are entering times in which therapy is increasingly seen as beneficial and not only for “the crazy ones”, whatever that means. I’m thankful that the concept is becoming more accessible to most of us.

For me, the combination of professional help and deep self reflection was the only way out. I felt stuck and unsure about almost everything and life wasn’t pleasant at all. If you feel like this or experience any other type of unpleasantness right now: you can get rid of it!

With the right help and sufficient determination, there is a way out of complex suffering and into simply being.

Jungian psychology makes use of stories, archetypes, dreams and associative techniques to discover your personal pathway of individuation and therefore really focus on what you need in order to discover your Self. We use active imagination and dream interpretation to find out what you’re unconscious is trying to tell you. We explore your shadow characteristics and relate your current experiences to your past and family dynamics to find out their origins and how to integrate them into your adult consciousness.

In my experience, these techniques really help you to understand what’s going on inside your psyche, make peace with your past and find a sense of purpose and satisfaction in life.

I’m currently looking for 3 clients to go through the process of 6 sessions with, in order to finish my education. If you’re interested, please contact me to find out if we’re a match. Therapy sessions can be held online or in person and in both English and Dutch. The costs will be 40 euros per session.





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