Revolution of the Kind People

It can take so much time to start something

The idea to spread The Revolution of the Kind People has been circulating in my head for quite some time already. However, manifesting this idea continues to be hard for me. It feels like I understand its essence, but it’s still hard to explain what it’s about. I keep finding excuses not to start describing, even though I’m also telling myself that this is what I want to do. How does that work?

For me this is really about the question: what things inside of me am I giving attention to? There are so many things that seem important, but are actually grabbing my attention specifically because the opposite is true: I don’t want to do them. And I keep thinking, “if I finish this thing, I will finally have time for the things I really want to do.” But, surprise, surprise, there is always something new. At some point, you just have to switch. Because the Sisyphus inside of me will never get the satisfaction of successfully pushing that stone.

Surprise, surprise: there is always something new.

Today, someone reached out to me through Instagram, asking me about the Revolution of the Kind People. This has happened more often over the past few weeks, but today was really a blessing. I thought, yeah, sure, what is it about? Why is there still no information? Then I cancelled my meetings for today, and started writing.

The Revolution of the Kind People is a Collective Imaginative Exercise to imagine a more pleasant world.

Of course, I have known what my own idea is about for a while. However, I’m understanding more and more that it’s actually about my own development. It’s about my own wish for peace and quiet. It’s about my desire to make life more pleasant.

Apparently, it’s hard for me to actively start the search. It’s also hard for me to connect my personal desires to those of many people living on this planet. I keep finding excuses to start later. When I’m finished. When I’m stable. When I’ve got my life together. I give attention to the voices that scream loudest in me, which are not the kindest ones. And that’s exactly what the Revolution of the Kind People is about.

The voices that scream loudest, are not the kindest ones.

So, hurrah! Let’s make room for the softer voices. I want to create some space inside of me; make room for what wants to come out. Honestly, I think the Revolution of the Kind People is a bit shy. It feels like it’s saying: “Really? Do you really want me to say something? This must be a mistake, right? I’ll pass.” Isn’t that cute?

Shortly, I can say that, for now, the Revolution of the Kind People is about shifting attention. To shift attention means to redirect energy flows. And, in this case, lose some energy as well. I used to do most things drastically. But today, I want to take care of the vulnerable beginnings that are sprouting in the soils of my being. Just a little water, bit of sunlight; no more Rolling Stones.

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